Macaroni Cheese

Ruby Says

"This homemade favourite never fails to please and win compliments. Mine is light and cheesy, true nostalgia food."
Ruby recommends: This goes well with my green vegetable medley or a bowl of buttery peas or spinach.

Cooking Times 

*Best cooked from frozen* 

  Oven cook - 40-45 mins 

  Microwave cook - 8 mins. 

*Please see back of pack for full instructions*


Milk, Cream (milk) Pasta (8.47%) (durum wheat semolina) Unsalted Butter (milk) Plain White Flour (wheat) Cheddar Cheese (milk) Vegetarian Parmesan (milk) Breadcrumbs (wheat) Dijon Mustard, Parsley, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Ground Nutmeg


Milk, wheat, mustard.

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Type: Vegetarian