Ruby has been involved in developing our recipes from the word go. Our team is now a little bigger than when we first began but the ethos is still the same. Delicious dishes, made by hand to Ruby’s recipes, freshly frozen​

It’s not our focus at the moment, we
want to make sure we make our core classics brilliantly and consistently before tackling gluten / dairy / allergen free food.

Never! We believe in using ingredients you’d have in your own kitchen, so you’ll recognise every ingredient in our dishes. Though we’d never need to add any dodgy preservatives anyway, as the freezer preserves our food the natural way.

All our dishes can be cooked in the
oven, and about ½ can be cooked in the microwave. You can view our microwave friendly selection here.

All our meals can be cooked in the oven, from frozen. Just follow the instructions on the outer packaging and take back sometime for yourself 

All our dishes last over three months in the freezer, giving you extra flexibility and reducing any unnecessary food waste.

We haven’t tested air fryers ourselves but some of our customers have with success. Let us know how you get.

Yes, simply make sure you put them straight into the freezer and they’ll be as good as new when you’re ready to tuck in

We know and we are working on it.
Unfortunately, peelable films seem to compromise in transit. We have no doubt
there is a better option out there, but we haven’t found it yet. Use a pair of
scissors to snip around the edge of the film if you are having trouble.

If you couldn't resist ordering more seriously special meals than fit in your freezer space, don't fret, they can be kept in the fridge for up to 4 days. When it comes to reheating, make sure you reduce the cooking time by about 10 minutes.

We have longstanding relationships with our suppliers. The meat we use is all British- beef is grass fed and our chicken is all reared to high welfare standards

The fish we use comes from MSC certified sources which means it has been fished sustainably. You can read more about MSC here

Our vegetables come in fresh from the market and are cooked on the day they arrive to ensure they are used at the most tip top condition


Any invoices or financial information about your order will be sent to you directly via email, and none of this info will be included inside the delivery box. There will be a packing slip with a list of the chosen meals, a little booklet with more info about ByRuby, and we also offer you the option to leave a gift note to the recipient at checkout, but never anything about the cost of the order!

All gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date of purchase.


Delivery is free on orders over £50. Standard delivery is £6.50 for orders under £50

All our boxes are fully insulated, so they’ll keep your food frozen until you’re home. We can leave your byRuby box in a safe place or with a neighbour if you’re out.

You can! Our feather liners are compostable.Our boxes are recyclable and from FSA sources, our ice packs are not recyclable in traditional at home methods but are great for picnics or keeping drinks cool, just pop the min the freezer to use again

Feathers have been used as effective insulators within the bedding and clothing industry for thousands of years. Pluumo have harnessed the properties of surplus feathers as a high-performance insulating material. Pluumo’s liners keep produce within the temperature ranges required by the FoodStandards Agency. 

Yes! We have lots of ideas for you. Line your picnic basket with it to keep food or drinks cool on the beach; pop the plastic liner in with your plastic recycling and use the liner to stuff cushions or make a homemade draft excluder. In the winter, use it in the garden to keep the frost at bay on delicate plants. Send us your ideas, we love to hear how creative our customers have got with their Pluumo liners: feedback@byruby.co.uk

If you aren’t looking to reuse your feather packaging, you can send it back to Pluumo so it can be reused. Follow the instructions here and your liner will have more life in it. This is the best way to create a truly circular system. ​​

The liners are biodegradable and some local authorities will accept the feathers in household garden or food waste bins – it’s simply a matter of checking with the local council to see which recycling facilities are available in your area. 

Not yet, but we’re working on it! At the moment, you can pick your preferred delivery day – and DPD will email you on the day of deliver with a one-hour time slot.

We make sure that all your meals leave our kitchen in prime condition. If you happen to have any further questions that we haven't answered on here, please get in touch by dropping Milly an email on helpbymilly@byruby.co.uk (even if just to hear what she recommends having with the tarragon chicken...spoiler alert, it's pasta!)


Find out more about Klarna 'buy now pay later' here and about their T&Cs here.