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Fish Pie

Ruby Says

"My Mum’s best ever fish pie recipe. Un-dyed smoked haddock and sustainably sourced salmon with sweet leeks in a rich and creamy sauce, topped with mashed potato, we used to have this every Friday night as children and still do."
Ruby recommends: This needs no more than my leeks, peas & spinach side or a bowl of buttery peas.

Cooking Times 

*Best cooked from frozen* 

  Oven cook - 40-45 mins 

  Microwave cook - 8 mins. 

*Please see back of pack for full instructions*


Milk (29%) Salmon, (25%) Haddock, (16%) Potatoes, (14%), Leeks (4.5%), Butter, unsalted milk, Cream milk, Onion, Oil vegetable rapeseed, Parsley fresh, Lemon zest, Salt, Thyme fresh.


Milk, fish, rapeseed.

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