Celebrating frozen food day

Frozen food benefits, freezing tips and freezer-friendly recipes

Celebrating frozen food day

By ByRuby and Lune + Wild 

To most, Frozen Food Day (6th March) probably sounds like another niche marketing day. However, if we have to clutch at straws to shout about the benefits of frozen, then we’ll do it, because that is how much we believe in our sub-zero sustenances

We’re all short on time these days (something freezing can definitely help with!), so we've condensed all the top frozen food related info you need to know into one blog below. We've highlighted the main reasons why we are obsessed with frozen food plus our top tips about how to incorporate a little more frozen into your life, with 2 great freezer-friendly recipes to try at home, one for the whole family and one especially for the little ones. 

Our 3 favourite things about frozen food:

1. A 100% natural way to keep food fresher for longer

Freezing is the best way to preserve food. Better even than other methods you may be more familiar with, such as canning, drying or fermenting. It’s an all natural way to keep food as fresh as it is the moment you freeze it. The sub-zero temperatures press ‘pause’ on a food’s lifespan, preserving nutrients, vitamins and minerals that would otherwise reduce daily in non-frozen conditions. No time pressure to consume, and even better, a huge reduction in food waste, which leads us nicely on to our next point….

2. A more sustainable, environmentally-friendly option

Globally we waste ⅓ of all food produced, and in the UK alone 6.7 million tonnes per year, representing costs of £250-£400 per household per year. With this in mind, it seems like a no-brainer to take advantage of a technique that increases the longevity of a food’s freshness without the use or need for any harmful chemicals or artificial ingredients, and in turns reduces the amount of household food waste.

3. Convenience without compromise

Convenience is a big factor in the lives of a lot of us modern day workers/ parents / business owners / gym goers / tv watchers. However, with the environment increasingly on our minds, a lot of us are looking for ways to still enjoy convenience, but without having such a devastating impact on our planet and bodies. The longevity of “shelflife”, lack of chemicals, and reduction in food waste all facilitate eating food that is fresh, natural, of higher quality, and better for the environment than their non-frozen alternatives. In turn, it allows you to keep all varieties of meals in your freezer that can be ready in minutes in the microwave or oven, and require no prep, no hands-on time, and little-to-no forward planning

Our top tips on how to celebrate frozen food day and make the most of your freezer:

  1. Pair with some frozen greens: we all know about buying ready frozen peas, but have you tried buying frozen spinach, kale, beans or sweetcorn for example?
  2. Food turning in the fridge? Pop in the freezer: did you know you can freeze herbs, fruit, milk, grated cheese, butter… for a more extensive list click here
  3. Invest in high-quality, frozen pre-prepared meals to keep as back-up in your freezer, for yourself and for your young babies/kids, for when time and energy are short, but appetites are big
  4. Host an effortless, hassle free dinner party – get a few friends around and order a selection of different ByRuby meals that you can pop straight in the oven and sit back and enjoy your friends’ company safe in the knowledge that Ruby’s done the hard work for you
  5. Tired of batch cooking for the little ones? Short on freezer space too? Lune + Wild Baby and toddler meals stack easily and offer children a wide variety of flavour and nutrients in convenient, space efficient little meals.
  6. Or why not prep your own frozen meals? Try one or both of our recipes below

Frozen recipes:

ByRuby’s veg-packed bolognaise: A great staple to have in your freezer, you can stir in some harissa to make a chilli, or turn it into a cottage pie by topping with mashed potato. Otherwise, serve it the traditional way with pasta for a crowd-pleasing meal. Find recipe here.

Freezable Bolognaise Bolognese recipe
Lune + Wild's Healthy & Easy Broccoli Bread: This quick recipe is ideal as a healthy on the go snack or lunch time treat for the whole family. Cut into fingers and dip it in hummus for a delicious way to sneak more green veg into reluctant little ones! Make a batch and freeze for the weekend or nursery / school runs. Find recipe here.
Still sceptical about frozen food? Make sure to enter our ByRuby x Lune + Wild competition running on our respective instagrams on 6th March (the much anticipated Frozen Food day!) for your chance to win a selection of award-winning frozen goodness for free and experience the benefits for yourself 

Read more about the history of national frozen food day and the benefits of frozen here

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