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It all started when...

... Ruby, our Leith’s-trained founder, met Milly, her creative co-founder, while working as Head Chef at Finns.
The more the two of them chatted to customers and nattered about their own lives, the more they realised that (however much of a foodie you are) sometimes you just don’t feel like cooking from scratch. And yet you’d still like to eat seriously good, nutritious food.
Why should you have to compromise?

That’s when they cooked up the idea of byRuby. Because imagine, thought Ruby and Milly, if on days like that, you could just open your freezer and discover a library of carefully-prepared meals waiting for you to heat up in a jiffy… No need to plan ahead!

Why did they choose to fill people’s freezers, not their fridges? Because the freezer would immediately lock in the incredible flavours and nutritional goodness of each dish, naturally reducing food waste by keeping their food ‘fresh’ for up to six months.

So, using top ingredients from trusted suppliers they’d worked with in the past, Ruby and Milly started testing and tweaking recipes to create wholesome, all-natural dishes that tasted just as delicious when cooked from frozen. Once they’d nailed the recipes, they started delivering their freshly frozen meals directly to food-loving folk across the UK.
Which brings us to today...

... Ruby still writes all our recipes, preparing everything from our kitchen in west London. We have such fun designing exciting dishes that’ll appeal to every taste, intolerance and craving. You won’t find any unnecessary fat, salt or sugar in our cooking, as we’re out to make balanced meals that are naturally good for you. These are the sorts of dishes we cook for our friends and family – and we’re really excited to be cooking them for you, too.