Meet our suppliers

The finest food is made with seriously special ingredients. That’s why sourcing the best ingredients and getting to know our suppliers is always a priority for us.


We only buy British meat, always grass fed beef and free range poultry. 

London surveyor turned farmer, Edward Wilkinson, turned his back on the big smoke in 2010 and returned to his Yorkshire roots to set up Herb Fed.Together with his wife Emma, Herb Fed is proud to produce free range Chickens, Bronze Turkeys and
Roosters that are succulent, moist and fed a distinctive diet that includes fresh herbs which enhances the natural flavour of the meat.Herb Fed’s poultry is traditionally reared on the farm under the highest welfare standards. Living in small flocks they are truly free to roam and forage their Yorkshire pasture. 

Find out more about Ed and his Farm here


CHALK STREAM TROUT  - The birthplace of fly fishing, the Test and Itchen Rivers of Hampshire are world famous for producing the finest English trout. The fast flowing pure chalkstream water flows through the farms producing lean and athletic fish with a unique, clean taste

The quality of our trout is directly related to the quality
of the water and high flow rates of the farms. It is the
pure chalkstream water that gives a unique fresh, clean
taste, while the high flow design of the farms produces
an exceptionally lean, athletic fish. Grown over two
years in conditions similar to wild trout from the Test
and Itchen, they are a firm and well-muscled fish.
ChalkStream® has worked closely with their feed
supplier over many years to develop a specially
formulated, high-quality micro-balanced diet. 

Sustainability, Certifications and Ratings 

RSPCA Assured Freedom Foods approved, Global G.A.P. and Quality Trout UK certified. Marine Conservation Society sustainability rating 2. ChalkStream® is recommended by the Sustainable Restaurant Association as one of the most sustainable options for chefs.

“There has been a trout revival recently, largely down to the trout-friendly chalkstreams we have in the UK, as well as the passion of producers such as ChalkStream® - Yottam Ottolenghi





Nature's Choice is a well-established wholesale distributor of fresh vegetables, with firm roots in New Covent Garden Market.

"Since 1997, our family-owned and run business has been supplying some of London's most prestigious events, restaurants, bars, hotels and nightclubs. Here at Nature's Choice, we are committed to sourcing the finest produce available which has been grown using the most sustainable methods. We pride ourselves on working closely with our growers and farmers, helping them devise growing plans and operating in the most environmentally-friendly ways possible."