Magic Breakfast

Magic Breakfast


4.1 million children in the UK are currently living in poverty – that’s 5 children in every class of 30 growing up too poor to afford the essentials that most of us take for granted.


Magic Breakfast provides nutritious breakfasts to over 48,000 children at risk of hunger, giving them fuel they need to learn. Through our network of partner schools, we target the most vulnerable children and ensure they have the best possible start to the day.


The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for us all, but for thousands of families across the UK it could become almost impossible just to get by. With schools around the UK closing, the difficulties that social isolation and home schooling bring will be greatly multiplied for those families dealing with mental health struggles, job losses, limited living space, zero hour contracts and lack of childcare.


Magic Breakfast is a lifeline for parents with limited income and resources, who can take comfort in knowing their children will be fed at the beginning of the day. Now more than ever, we need to ensure that hunger will not be a barrier to these children’s education and their futures.


During these unprecedented times, Magic Breakfast is committed to ensuring that vulnerable children are able to access a free, nutritious breakfast to fuel their learning – whether this is at school or at home. From a practical stand point, we have transformed our infrastructure to provide free take-home nutritious breakfast provision for our families. Each child is given a fortnight supply available either via collection from schools or designated distribution points or via volunteer drop off to their door. The provision includes a box of breakfast cereal and porridge oats, a pack of bagels and a large catering tin of baked beans. To reach even more children we are also exploring ways to courier breakfast direct to the door for those families we are not currently reaching.