The byRuby Story

Our History

At byRuby we make delicious frozen meals made with only the best ingredients just as you would at home.  

Ruby trained as a chef at Leith’s and afterwards worked in restaurants.  She then started working at Finns, Chelsea where she met her co-founder, Milly.  Milly & her Aunt, Julia had run, Finns, a gourmet food shop for years and Ruby came in as head chef.  Finns sells best quality cooked meals from their Chelsea Green shop and whilst Ruby was there she saw an increasing demand for frozen food.  Together with Julia & Milly, they started byRuby to fill a gap for convenient high quality, tasty food with no additives or preservatives.

Julia, Milly & Ruby all lead very different lives and yet we all decided that we would find frozen meals very useful day to day, surely other people would too…

We are passionate about our ingredients and we are not willing to compromise on this.  We had great fun creating recipes to appeal to all tastes, intolerance's & needs. We have been staggered by how well food cooks straight from frozen, it has taken alot of tweaking and testing but we are 100% happy with all of our recipes.  We use little unnecessary fat and our meals are naturally good for you. We are not a faddy type brand, we feel that balance is the key, one day you might fancy a macaroni cheese, the next, our healthy cod & cannelini beans, either way, you can feel confident that you are eating good food that has been made carefully


Meet our extra special suppliers, a huge part of byRuby... 

A family run business still to this day. One of London's finest suppliers of meat. Providing Free range chicken and grass fed beef. Using only RSPCA accredited farms.  
Southbank fresh fish are London's leading supplier of sustainable fish. They created 'Southbank's sustainability initiative' or SS which works with food producers to help make their menus sustainable. Certified sustainable seafood by They are currently the fresh fish supplier for the world famous Selfridges & Co and are RSPSA assured. We love their Scottish Loch Duart salmon. Its the only kind of salmon we use in our fish pie and salmon with lentils!
Natures Choice are purveyors of fine fruits and vegetables, based in new convert garden markets in London.
Woolcool is 100% sheep's wool packaging. keeping produce within the temperature ranges required by the food standard agency. Why compromise on sustainability and performance when you can have both. WoolCool insulation is 100% biodegradable and compostable realising valuable nitrates back into the soil.                                                                                                                   

There are a number of ways you can reuse your Wool liners such as:     




pet basket

cushion stuffing

Homework projects

Donation to homeless or animal shelters

Pipe lagging

Draught excludes

Protection for plants/trees from frost

 Feeding roses and keeping slugs off plants

Keeping takeaways warm

Keeping drinks/food cold on the beach

Craft projects

 Van/Car lining

Pads for gardening 

We would love to hear how you have reused your Wool liners. Email us at or message us on our socials @byrubyfoods. 
If you aren’t looking to re-use the Wool Liners, simply remove the plastic liner, this can be put in with the standard plastic recycling, then just put the wool liner into either a compost bin (if available) or dig into the soil in the garden, as the wool will release valuable nitrates back into the soil as it breaks down. Some local authorities will accept the wool in household garden waste bins, it is just a matter of checking with the local council to find out what recycling facilities are available in your area. Even if the wool going into the general waste, it will break down in landfill.