Milly’s easy peasy home-made ice lollies

Milly’s easy peasy home-made ice lollies

Milly’s easy peasy home-made ice lollies

Nothing screams summertime like an ice lolly, and for kids especially they can be a real hero product of the freezer: fun, refreshing, packed with flavour, and best of all, a much healthier alternative to its freezer sibling, ice cream. 

While there are certainly plenty of options of all shapes, sizes and flavours in the market out there, the good news is that ice lollies are also one of the most simple things to make yourself at home, not to mention a great weekend activity to keep children busy and out of mischief for a while (until it comes to eating time, see picture of Henry above!). What’s more, you have the added benefit of being able to choose exactly what goes inside them and trust that they really aren’t loaded with sugar, additives or artificial colouring.


This recipe is vegetarian/vegan, gluten free, dairy. The best way to make the perfect lolly is to get yourselves some reusable Ice lolly moulds. They don’t need to be anything particularly fancy, and you can find a set for about £5-10 through a quick search online

Ingredients for Milly’s easy peasy home-made ice lollies (makes 6):

  • 400g raspberries
  • 150ml orange juice (fresh if possible)
  • (optional: 1tbsp icing sugar)


  1. Place all the ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth.
  2. Sieve the mixture into a jug, then pour into your moulds, put the lids on, and pop in the freezer either overnight or for around 4-6 hours until frozen.
  3. If the lollies need a little help coming out of their moulds you can run the moulds momentarily under hot water, otherwise simply pull them out using their handles and enjoy! Easy Peasy!

Much like you would with a smoothie, you can put pretty much anything you like into your lolly. It can be a great and fun way to use up fruit that is near turning, and can also be delicious with a bit of yoghurt or milk if you want to make them slightly creamier. 

Lastly, if you are really keen to get cracking and don’t already have a mould in your house, we read about a nifty trick using a loaf pan, lining it with cling film, filling it with your blended mix, then covering with some tin foil and poking sticks through the top at even intervals, leaving enough space in between each one to then slice into lollies once frozen. Et voila! 

We hope that you enjoy your frozen lollies as much as Henry and Poppy clearly did!

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