Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas Gift Guide

Finding inspiration for presents can often seem like a never ending task at this time of year, so that is why as a team we have put our heads together and come up with 10 of our top wishlist items this Christmas.


Unlike a lot of gift guides out there, none of these are affiliates and we get nothing from suggesting them, other than the pleasure in knowing that we might help even just one of you agonise a little less over what to get that tricky friend/sibling/parent. These are all genuine suggestions for items that we love, ranging from £6 to £75, from physical items to subscriptions, and we hope there is something for everyone on here.



  1. Reading Subscription - Mrs B’s Emporium, from £50

For any bookworms out there, Mrs B's Emporium reading subscription provides a delightful service where the giftee simply fills in a questionnaire about their likes and dislikes, and consequently enjoy months of delightful, hand-picked and beautifully wrapped books from independent bookshops


  1. Body Warming Long Hot Water Bottle - The Hot Water Bottle Shop, £20

A long hot water bottle is a game changer. Because winter is very much coming (/has already come), and this cosy number will keep you warm from shoulder to toes.


  1. Reusable Cups/Waterbottles - Frank Green, from £25.99 & £29.99

The sustainable and trendy reusable cups and water bottles, with bold colours and bold ideas. A personal favourite of Alice's who has (more than) 1 of just about every size.


  1. Reusable Mesh Net Turtle bag - Etsy (BioTech Store, other’s available), from £5.99

Super compact and super light, meaning you can keep them on your being 24/7, these net bags are another revolutionary recent discovery of ours for spontaneous shopping trips (we might be a bit late to the party...). Bonus that they come in lots of great colours. 


  1. Pen pot/toothbrush holder - Tooka Home, £16

We love anything ceramic and hand-painted, and these mini and affordable pots are perfect to brighten up any bathroom or table.


  1. Strand Rattan Ice Bucket - Kalinko, £68

We are big fans of everything that Kalinko stand for and support, and these hand-woven ice buckets, which come in a few different colours, are one our favourite products for all year round use. 


  1. delicious. magazine subscription - 3 issues for £6 Christmas offer

One of the best food magazines out there, with seasonal recipes, food-based inspiration and food/chef oriented interviews (including the current series where one of our favourite chefs Diana Henry interviews different chefs each month).


  1. ByRuby Gift Card - ByRuby, from £10

So this one is tooting our own trumpet a little, but can you blame us? Especially at this time of year when days getting busier but shorter, giving someone not only the gift of (seriously special) food, but in turn the gift of time can never be underestimated. 


  1. Bookends - Oka, £75 (or find cheaper ones at etsy or trouva)

Another one for the bookworms: bookends can come in so many shapes and sizes, and they can transform a space, as well as keeping books or cookbooks neatly in place. We love the animal inspired ones from Oka, but they can be found in lots of different places. 


  1. Pie dishes - Falcon Enamelware, set of 4 for £52

Perfectly sized to pop your ByRuby meal into if you want to pass one of our meals off as your own... we won't tell anyone if you don't. 

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