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Full 8 Week Vegan / Vegetarian Gym Training Meal Plan

Sign up for the full 8 week challenge meal plan and get 1 weeks worth of meals for free. That's 5 lunches & 5 dinners! 

Each week you will receive 5 lunches, 5 dinners and recipe cards for breakfast & snack ideas 

We have created a delicious meal plan & box to help take you through the 8 week challenge. This box is perfect for all stages of the challenge, we have hand crafted the calorie count of the dishes to keep well within your daily allowance (1300 per day women/1900 per day for men). 


You will receive all the recipe ideas for breakfast & snack via email. These are again matched with each days calorie allowance and are very easy to make! These do not come pre-made and are not included in the f45 box. 

DAY 1 

Breakfast idea: 400ml Whole milk + 75g granola dust recipe - 429 Calories 

Lunch: Thai sweet potato soup - 187 Calories  

Snack idea: 3 x 25g almond energy ball recipe - 348 Calories 

Dinner: Black bean chilli - 210 Calories 

* Men add 35g kin protein powder with 500ml whole milk - 442 Calories*

DAY 2 

Breakfast idea: 2 x 100g quinoa muffin recipe idea - 246 Calories 

Lunch: BBQ Jackfruit - 328 Calories 

Snack idea: 3 x 25g cashew energy balls - 321 Calories 

Dinner: Lentil Shepherd's pie - 328 Calories 

*Men have 5 x 25g energy balls and 3 x muffins*

DAY 3 

Breakfast idea: 3 x 100g protein pancake recipe  - 708 Calories 

Lunch: Butternut squash & okra dhal - 172 Calories 

Snack idea: 1 slice of frittata recipe - 116 Calories 

Dinner: Keralan Curry - 243 Calories

*Men have 1 x whole frittata recipe* 

DAY 4 

Breakfast idea: 200g Shakshuka recipe + 2 eggs - 394 Calories 

Lunch: Courgette & basil soup - 105 Calories 

Snack idea: 35g Kin protein powder with 400ml whole Milk - 379 Calories 

Dinner: Vegan lasagne - 419 Calories 

*Men add 400ml more milk to your Kin protein shake* 

DAY 5 

Breakfast idea: 400g soaked oat recipe - 524 Calories 

Lunch: Tomato & lentil soup - 221 Calories

Snack ideas: 1/4 of frittata recipe - 116 Calories 

Dinner: Vegan risotto - 376 Calories 

*Men have 1 x whole frittata recipe* 

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