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Creamy Cashew & Tomato Gnocchi

Ruby Says

I hand make vegan gnocchi & brown in olive oil to add a bit of colour & texture. Rich tomato sauce & vegan pesto finish this Sicilian classic
Ruby Recommends: Try this with a lovely wild rocket salad. 
Cooking Times

*Best cooked from frozen* 

    Oven cook - 40-45mins

    Microwave - 8 mins 

* For full cooking instructions please see pack of pack* 



Potatoes, (24%) Tinned Tomatoes (24%) Water, (12%) Cherry tomatoes (9%) Aubergine, Carrots, Onion, Celery, Flour, wheat Gluten, Basil, fresh 
Oil vegetable rapeseed, Cashew nuts, Yeast, dried, Pepper, black, Salt 
Demerara sugar, Lemon juice, fresh, Pine nuts, garlic, Oregano dried
Chilli powder, Thyme, fresh, Rosemary, fresh


Rapeseed, Celery, Wheat, Gluten, Nuts. 

Collections: All, Dairy Free, Mains, Vegan, Vegetarian

Type: Unknown Type

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