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Braised beef in red wine & cranberries

Ruby Says

"I slowly braise grass fed beef in rich red wine, cinnamon, all spice & fresh herbs to give this seasonal classic a luxuriously intense flavour. Finished with roasted celeriac and swede . This is a lovely wholesome dish perfect for winter."
Ruby recommends: Lovely with my potato dauphinoise, carrot and parsnip puree or brown rice, wild rice & herbs to soak up the sauce.
Cooking Times 
*Best cooked from frozen* 
  Oven cook - 40-45 mins 
  Microwave cook - 8 mins.
*Please see back of pack for full instructions*
Beef, braising steak (44%)Celeriac, (15%)Carrots, (11%)Onion (7%) Celery (4.5%)celery red wine (4.5%) sulphates Cranberries (1%)Parsley, fresh, Oil vegetable rapeseed, beef Jus - water, beef bones, onion, tomato puree, carrot, leek, garlic, salt, thyme, black pepper, rosemary, Flour, wheat, Gluten, Tomato puree, Salt, Cinnamon, Rosemary, fresh, Thyme, fresh, Pepper, black
Allspice, ground, Bay leaf 
Sulphates, Celery, Wheat, Gluten, Rapeseed 

Collections: All, Christmas, Dairy Free, Mains, Meat

Type: Meat

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