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Vegan Lasagna

*Only 419 Calories per portion* 

Ruby Says

“I make a sweet and rich tomato sauce which I then layer between charred aubergine, roasted butternut squash, baby spinach leaves & lasagna sheets. Topped off with my luxurious dairy free white sauce, this is a vegan triumph.”
Ruby recommends: Great with a crisp mixed green salad

Cooking Times

*Best cooked from frozen* 

Oven cook only - 40-45 mins 

*Please see back of pack for full instructions*


Tinned Tomatoes (24%) Lasagne Sheets (15%) Wheat, Soya milk, (14%)
Aubergine (13%) squash butternut, (13%) spinach, (6%) Onion (4%)
vegan hard cheese - water, starch, modified starch, coconut oil, sea salt, rice protein, olive oil extract, vitamin b12.  (2.5%) Celery (2%) flour, (2%) wheat
Oil vegetable rapeseed (1.5%) Oil, olive (1%) Mustard (1%) Basil fresh (0.5%)
Salt (0%) demerara sugar (0%) Rosemary fresh (0%)Thyme fresh (0%) 
garlic (0%) Sage fresh, Oregano fresh, Pepper black, Nutmeg ground, 
Bay leaf


Soya, celery, wheat, rapeseed, mustard.

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Type: Vegetarian

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