Keralan Vegetable Curry

Ruby Says

"This is my award winning dish, I toast my Indian spices to add warmth and aroma to this sensational recipe I bought back from a trip to Delhi.  This curry brings back memories or an Indian adventure. A great source of antioxidants, fiber and plant protein!"       
Ruby recommends: My brown rice, wild rice & herbs and a crisp green salad.

Cooking Times 

*Best cooked from frozen* 

  Oven cook - 40-45 mins 

  Microwave cook - 8 mins. 

*Please see back of pack for full instructions*


Coconut milk (21.05%) Potatoes, (19.29%) Cauliflower, raw (19.29%) Aubergine, raw (19.29%) Onion, Coconut, desiccated Ginger, fresh, Cashew nuts (Nuts) red chilli, Oil Rapeseed, spices, garlic, Coriander leaves, dried, Mustard seeds, Salt, Lime juice, fresh, Curry leaves, fresh


Nuts, Mustard.